Coffs Harbour

Tickets - Coffs Harbour

Tickets are available in a number of forms, all of which are outlined below. If you are unsure on which ticket is the best deal for you simply ask your driver. You must retain your ticket and have it available for inspection until the end of your journey.

Single Ticket

This is the standard ticket available on all services. Please have the correct fare ready for the driver where possible.

Return Ticket

A return ticket is available on day of issue only.


Click here to view concession passes accepted by Busways.

Regional Excursion Daily (RED) Ticket

The Regional Excursion Daily (RED) Ticket offers pensioners unlimited travel all day on most rural and regional bus services.

The $2.50 RED Ticket is available to Busways North Coast passengers, providing multi ride travel within the local bus network for older citizens and pensioners.

The RED ticket is available from drivers to those who hold a valid Australian Government Pensioner Concession Card, NSW Seniors Card or War Widow/ers Card (NSW or Victoria).

This ticket allows multiple bus trips to be taken on your route bus network on the day of purchase.

Day Travel Tickets (Valid on day of issue only)

Day Tickets are an inexpensive way to explore the Coffs Harbour region by bus, offering good value and convenience for unlimited local bus trips within a one day period on one ticket.

All day travel tickets can be purchased at any time of the day from our drivers when you board the bus. There are two types of all day travel tickets available:

  • Day Ticket for travel on Routes 360, 365, 366 and 367 (with the exception of travel beyond Thompsons Rd).
  • Out Town Ticket for travel on Routes 359, 360, 361, 365, 366 and 367.

Transfer Tickets

If it's not possible to complete your journey without transferring from one Busways bus to another, ask for a Transfer Ticket when boarding your first bus. This costs much less than buying two tickets. The transfer must be made to the first available bus with one and a half hours from when the transfer ticket was issued. Transfer tickets cannot be used for broken or return journeys.

Term Pass for Students

Term Passes give students who are not eligible for a Busways School Free Travel pass the opportunity to travel to and from school without having the hassle of paying a fare every day. By buying a Term Pass the cost of travel is actually reduced! Please ring your local depot for prices.

This pass is convenient for those students who may live close to school but want to catch the bus, either all the time or occasionally, for example when it is raining.