Western Sydney

Bus Stop Timetables

There are a few ways to find out the bus times that depart your bus stop:

  1. Visit Transport Info and use their 'plan your trip' tool. If you know the TSN (Transit Stop Number) you can type it straight in, or alternatively search by street/suburb. This facility searches by a specific day, so you can be sure you'll be getting the right times, even if timetables are changing.
  2. Use a Transport App if you live in the Sydney Metro or Outer Metro area. Download one from a list of real-time transport apps available. We recommend orr the highly rated TripView app, which we have provided a user overview for.
  3. View PDF copies of our bus stop timetable posters below.

PDF Bus Stop Timetable Posters

The bus timetables listed below are bus stop specific - they are the same timetables shown at your local bus stop.

Bus stop timetables can be searched by Transit Stop Number (TSN) - this number is available at the top of the poster at your bus stop - or you can search by selecting your suburb from the drop down box.

To view options in numeric or alphabetic order please click which option you would like to filter by (TSN, Street Name or Suburb).

Please Note: Bus stop timetables listed here are the same ones that appear at bus stops in the region. If your bus stop does not display a poster then it will not be in the list. In such cases we recommend looking for a stop close by and adjusting the time as appropriate or using one of the other options listed above.

TSNsort descending Street Name Suburb
2113219 Waterloo Rd after Coolinga St Macquarie Park
2113221 Waterloo Rd after Byfield St Macquarie Park
2113311 Waterloo Rd at Macquarie Park Stn - Stand D Macquarie Park
2113319 Herring Rd opp Macquarie Ctr Macquarie Park
2113324 Waterloo Rd at Macquarie Park Stn Macquarie Park
212511 M2 Motorway at Oakes Rd Interchange Carlingford North
212512 M2 Motorway at Oakes Rd Interchange Carlingford North
2147149 James Cook Dr opp Kings Langley Shops Kings Langley
2147152 James Cook Dr before Isaac Smith Pde Kings Langley
2147173 Joseph Banks Dr before 2nd Plymouth Cr Kings Langley
2147174 Joseph Banks Dr after Seven Hills Rd Kings Langley
2147178 Joseph Banks Dr after Simmonds St Seven Hills
2147185 James Cook Dr after Isaac Smith Dr Seven Hills
214720 James Cook Dr at Kings Langley Shopping Centre Kings Langley
214721 James Cook Dr at SDA Retirement Village Kings Langley
2147212 Seven Hills Rd at Seven Hills North PS Seven Hills
214732 Seven Hills Railway Stn at Stand A Seven Hills
2147367 T-way Abbott Station - SouthEast Bound Seven Hills
2147368 T-way Abbott Station - NorthWest Bound Seven Hills
2147369 T-way Joseph Banks Station - SouthEast Bound Baulkham Hills
2147370 T-way Joseph Banks Station - NorthWest Bound Baulkham Hills
2147371 T-way James Cook Station - South Bound Kings Park
2147411 Joseph Banks Dr after Whitby Rd Seven Hills
214760 Seven Hills Rd opp Seven Hills North PS Seven Hills
2148100 Kildare Rd after Lancaster St Blacktown
2148103 Kildare Rd after Woodside Av Doonside
2148104 Kildare Rd after Ash St Doonside
2148105 Kildare Rd before Lancaster St Doonside
2148106 Kildare Rd opp Blacktown West PS Doonside
214811 Blacktown Railway Stn Stand G Blacktown
2148115 Blacktown
2148116 Richmond Rd opp Springfield Av Blacktown
2148117 Richmond Rd before Kent St Blacktown
2148118 Richmond Rd after Norfolk St Blacktown
2148119 Richmond Rd before Dan Av Blacktown
2148125 Davis Rd before Sofa St Marayong
2148130 Arnott Rd before Nowra St Marayong
2148134 Davis Rd opp Sofa St Marayong
2148136 Davis Rd before Forbes Rd Marayong
2148137 Davis Rd after Crudge Rd Marayong
2148138 Richmond Rd opp Warrigal St Blacktown
2148139 Richmond Rd opp Lyton St Blacktown
2148140 Richmond Rd after Davis Rd Marayong
2148141 Richmond Rd opp Dan Av Marayong
2148142 Richmond Rd opp Norfolk St Blacktown
2148144 Richmond Rd at Springfield Av Blacktown
2148145 Blacktown Railway Stn Stand C Blacktown
2148146 Blacktown Railway Stn Stand B Blacktown
2148147 Blacktown Railway Stn Stand M Blacktown
2148179 Reservoir Rd opp Clare St Blacktown