Central Coast

Route 70 diversion at Tascott - Monday 11 September to Friday 15 September

15 Aug 2017

Route 70 services will be temporarily diverted from Monday 11 September to Friday 15 September due to roadworks on Bluefish Cres, Tascott. As a result, four bus stops will not be serviced by route 70.

To view the diversion route and missed bus stop locations, click on the diversion map.

Diversion route

Services will be diverting via Blue Waters Parade and Dolphin St in both directions to proceed on normal route. 

Missed bus stops

The following bus stops will be missed:

  • Bluefish Cres after Dolphine St (Stop ID: 2250413)
  • Bluefish Cres before The Broadwaters (Stop ID: 2250414)
  • Bluefish Cres after The Broadwaters (Stop ID: 2250424)
  • Bluefish Cres before Dolphin St (Stop ID: 2250425)

Nearest alternative bus stops

Customers are advised to use bus stops on:

  • Bluefish Cres (near Dolphin St)
  • The Broadwaters (near Blue Waters Pde).