Great Lakes

Route 150 diversion on 24 September 2016

07 Sep 2016

Due to the Hawks Nest Triathlon, commencing on Saturday 24 September from 6am-3pm, Kingfisher Ave, Tuloa Ave and Booner St will be affected. As a result, all route 150 services will be diverted.

Route diversion

Route 150 services will be diverted as outlined on the map below:

Services will be operating via Kingfisher Ave and will then divert:

  • right onto Ibis Ave;
  • right onto Mermaid Ave;
  • left onto Moira Parade;
  • left onto Yamba St;
  • right onto Booner St;
  • right onto Patanga St;
  • right onto Mirreen St;
  • right onto Moira Pde;
  • right onto Mermaid Ave;
  • left onto Ibis Ave;
  • left onto Kingfisher Ave to proceed on normal route

Affected bus stops

Customers are advised that no bus stops will be affected by the diversion.