Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie Bus Network Review – Feedback and Outcomes

03 Oct 2012

During June this year, Busways carried out community consultation for the proposed new bus network in the Port Macquarie and Hastings Region.  The response to this proposed network was encouraging, with over 390 items of feedback received – this clearly shows how passionate the community is about their local bus service. 

Feedback covered a variety of topics including the streets used by buses; locations of bus stops; types of buses used; new destinations; frequency; hours of operation; train connections; and even the route numbers we use!  There were also lots of positive comments about proposed new services to areas such as Crestwood, The Ruins Way and the Lake Road industrial area. 

Since June we have been carefully analysing each submission received, using the knowledge of our local depot managers to ensure we arrive at the best outcome for the whole community. 

Busways is now pleased to release a report (see link below) which summarises the main items of feedback received, plus the changes that have been made to the proposed network as a result of community feedback.  We believe the revised network provides a balance between opening up new travel opportunities whilst still meeting the needs of our existing valued customers. 

Particular attention is drawn to the retention of services in Home Street/Owen Street as well as Gordon Street on route 322; retention of services in Jonas Absalom Drive and extension of services along Sapphire Way on route 324; and retention of services in Beechwood Road and Cowdery Street (Wauchope) on route 335.  Other new improvements will include trial night services in Port Macquarie and a new link for the communities at Beechwood and Crosslands to Wauchope (with connections to/from Port Macquarie).  On other issues raised during consultation, Busways will continue to work with the appropriate authority to minimise any potential impacts. 

The next stage in the review will be the school bus network, with affected parents/students and schools to be consulted as part of this process.  Once this is complete and the outcomes reported to Transport for NSW, it is anticipated implementation of the new route and school networks will take place in the first half of 2013.

Click here to view the Port Macquarie Bus Network Review Outcomes Summary.