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Phil Hughes - Macksville 63 Not out

02 Dec 2014

The town of Macksville has been shaken to its core with the passing of one of its own truly inspirational boys. Phillip Hughes was not only an incredible cricket player he was an incredible young man who loved life. Many Busways families are at a loss to comprehend the passing of Phil who was a local Macksville boy, a school friend, a cricket mate, an inspiration and idol to our kids.

There is a hole in many people’s hearts that is being filled with sadness at this time however; lets fill this hole with happiness in the thoughts and feelings of a truly talented young man’s achievements and how his being has inspired our lives. May he rest in peace at home in Macksville with friends and family.

Special thoughts to the young man Sean Abbott who needs all the strength and support at this time also.

Deepest regards,

Juliana Meta

Busways Regional Operations Manager and Macksville local

Phillip Hughes 1988-2014