Grafton Town Bus Network Review – Consultation Outcomes

14 May 2012

Busways recently conducted a community consultation program regarding minor changes to the bus routes in Grafton. This consultation program ran from the 5th March to 30th March with brochures being delivered to all households in the township. A total of 11 responses were received and these are detailed in the Consultation Feedback & Outcomes Table (see link below). This document also includes Busways’ responses to each issue raised.

The main focus of the feedback related to the Westlawn area – particularly, difficulty for residents around Oliver Street and Jackschon Avenue accessing bus services. As a result of this feedback, Busways is proposing to operate routes 375A & 375C via Oliver Street and Milton Street, omitting part of Cranworth Street. This will be subject to achieving the required approvals.

We will shortly be commencing consultation for affected school services and once this is completed, it is anticipated to implement all the changes in late July 2012. Keep checking this website or your local newspaper for the new timetable commencement date.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute to the consultation process.


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