Grafton Review: Proposed Bus Network

02 Mar 2012

Why are we reviewing the network?

The last network review in 2009 raised some issues and these have mostly been addressed through the restoration of services to Hawthorne Street and route 375A/C buses operating past the main entry of Grafton Base Hospital.  Consequently, this minor network review will target remaining concerns about routes in South Grafton and help to improve reliability across all areas.

What is proposed?
As the existing network is comprehensive and meets the needs of most passengers, there are only minor changes proposed as part of this review.  These changes are:

  • Route 375A/C to operate via Oliver Street instead of Dobie Street, providing more reliable journey times
  • Route 376 altered to operate via Oliver & Mary Streets instead of Prince Street, retaining a bus past the Services Club
  • Route 373 to operate via Roberts Drive & Blanch Pde with route 374 to service McFarlane, Johnson and Tyson Streets
  • Route 373 loop to operate in reverse direction along Tallowood Street, Fairway Drive & Bent Street.
  • Route 374 to operate in a loop through South Grafton, going out via Ryan Street & Armidale Road but returning via Bent Street & Bligh Street
  • New Sunday and public holiday timetable to be introduced – reduced public holiday trips but new Sunday trips to operate throughout the year on route 374 extended to and from Grafton Base Hospital
  • Limited changes to school services – these will be the subject of a separate consultation process

How to have your say:

Examine the proposed network map and fill out the feedback form with your comments. Please indicate which route your comments refer too.   All comments need to be received by Friday 30th March 2012.

Thank you to everyone who contributes their feedback - your time and input is appreciated and helps Busways to plan quality services for your community.