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Every Drop Counts At Busways

11 Oct 2010

In 2010 our focus on water-efficiency has seen the installation of rain water tanks at a number of bus depots and a Go Green! grants staff initiative, which encourages employees to install water tanks at their homes.

Busways is determined to cut the use of drinking water for washing buses at its depot locations by installing large capacity rainwater tanks at feasible locations.

All depots within the Sydney metropolitran region and on the Central Coast have 50,000 l rainwater tanks, with larger depots having more than one tank. Tank water is used in the bus wash and drastically reduces the use of potable water at the depots.

Busways Kincumber and Campbelltown depots have also been equipped with a new, more water-efficient bus wash with a recycled water system.

Busways has started extending the rain water tank program to its North Coast depots, where two 40,000 l rainwater tanks were installed at Coffs Harbour in 2010 and one at Raleigh. Further installations are planned for bus depots at Kempsey, Wauchope and Yamba.

Every year, Busways makes a number of Go Green! grants avaialble to employees to encourage sustainability initiatives beyond the workplace. In 2010 employees are encouraged to apply for grants to support the installation of rainwater tanks at emplyee's homes.