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Clean Fleet Certification

05 Aug 2015
Clean Fleet certificate 2015
Busways are proud to announce that our Clean Fleet Certification has been renewed for another two years.
Clean Fleet is an initiative which was developed by the Roads and Maritime Services as a part of a continuing commitment to the environment. The initiative is an audited maintenance program designed to improve air quality by reducing diesel vehicle emissions which is open to all fleet owners and operators that want to contribute to improving air quality. In participating in the Clean Fleet program, fleet owners commit to maintaining their vehicles in a which minimises emissions.
Now that Busways have once again been certified we can officially confirm our vehicles are performing in a fuel efficient manner and emitting minimal emissions which ensures that we are not negatively impacting our environment.
Busways is committed to the Clean Fleet program and is proud of its entire workshop team who work tirelessly to ensure Busways fleet is maintained to the utmost standards.