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Busways receives recognition in Parliament for contribution in Macarthur region

30 Jul 2014

After 49 years operating route and school bus services in the Macarthur region, Busways ceased its operations in the area on Saturday, 31 May 2014 due to Sydney bus contract changes.

In recognition of Busways’ contribution and service to the communities in Campbelltown and Camden – Bryan Doyle, Member for Campbelltown paid tribute to Busways in a wonderful speech delivered in Parliament. Busways would like to thank Bryan for the gesture and appreciation shown. Below is a transcript of the speech:

Mr BRYAN DOYLE (Campbelltown) [7.15 p.m.]: On Sunday 1 June 2014 Busabout became the new operator for Sydney metropolitan bus contract 15, responsible for operating all bus services previously provided by Busways in the Campbelltown, Camden and Narellan areas. While we welcome Busabout, it brings to a sad end a long history of service by Busways to the people of the Macarthur region, after nearly 50 years. After 49 years operating route and bus services in the Macarthur region, Busways ceased operation in this area on Saturday 31 May 2014. Busways began operating bus services in the region back in 1965, when we were young, when the company's founder, Dick Rowe, acquired Campbelltown Buses. In 1986 Higletts Camden Services was also acquired, and the name Busways was adopted for the company in 1988.

As the Campbelltown area experienced residential and population growth, Busways, too, expanded its services to meet the transport demands of the community. Today more than six million passengers travel on the region 15 bus network which Busways operates from two depots with a fleet of 101 buses and 180 dedicated employees. From Sunday 1 June the Busways Camden and Campbelltown depots closed. However, the majority of employees, including drivers, transitioned to the new contract provider. Busways Group Director Steven Rowe said that the Busways depots at Camden and Campbelltown were run by a highly skilled and experienced team who worked every day towards delivering a quality bus service that the community could rely on and be proud of.

Naturally, they are saddened to see these great depot teams leave the Busways Group, but trust that the community will continue to benefit from their skills and experience. From main roads to suburban streets, Busways is a business that is seen out in the community every day. Behind the scenes the company is just as active, supporting local events, causes and schools, including Stewart House, the Cancer Council, Jeans for Genes, World Environment Day, travel planning programs and school events. Busways has always been privileged to be part of the Macarthur community for 50 years. I was a frequent traveller on the 888 bus, which services from Campbelltown out to Ambarvale, Rosemeadow and St Helens Park. Often of a cold and foggy morning, waiting with bus buddy Heather Mildren at St Helens Park, Dave Davies, the bus driver, would come around and collect us and take us off to Campbelltown railway station.

I have known Dave Davies for the best part of 20 years, and I saw him go from a bus driver to be a senior manager with Busways. I was honoured to host him for a luncheon to thank him for his service. Not only do our bus services and drivers deliver to and from our various locations, they also form part of the fabric of our community. Like good shepherds, they get to know their flocks. Many of them have seen family generations come through. My daughters have also had the privilege of being driven around by bus drivers who once took their dad to work in the early hours of the morning and then brought him home in the evening. Busways was a much-loved and familiar part of the Campbelltown scene. I look forward to Busabout fulfilling that role and for many years to come transporting the hardworking people of Campbelltown—that great opal of the south-west and the very best part of Macarthur. I thank Busways and its staff and the Rowe family for their great service to Campbelltown. I wish Busabout all the best in the future.