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Bus Fare Savings from 5th March 2018

Bus passengers travelling in rural and regional NSW will have some extra cash in their pockets from 5th March 2018.
Most bus fares are dropping in price following recommendations made by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART), the body responsible for setting maximum public transport fares.
This is great news for Busways’ north coast customers with significant savings to be made, particularly those that travel with us often and for longer distances.
A simpler fare structure will be introduced moving away from the current fare sections structure to ten fare bands. The changes will see most fares dropping, on average by about 29% but for some up to 53%.
The table below shows the comparison between what passengers pay now and the new fares starting on 5th March 2018.   
The pricing for Day tickets is also being restructured from a flat fare of $12.50 adults and $6.00 concession for town based travel only. New Daily tickets are based on distance and allow unlimited travel all day for the fare band they’re bought for. This will provide great value for money for those making more than just a return bus trip. 
Busways’ Out of Town tickets, currently available on certain routes for a flat rate of $25 for adults and $12.50 for concession, will be replaced by Daily tickets.
The Regional Excursion Daily (RED) fare remains at the same great price of $2.50 for all day travel, available to Australian Pensioner Concession, NSW Seniors and War Widow/ers card holders.
We look forward to continuing to provide a great local bus service to our customers, at an even better price. 
If you have any questions about the new fares our customer service team is happy to help, just email infoline@busways.com.au.