Our Staff

Busways believes that our employees are our most important asset. We employ nearly 1400 people to ensure efficient and effective bus services. Around 75% of these employees are accredited professional bus drivers.

The Busways Organisation Overview

Senior Management Team
The Busways senior management team is responsible for the operation of all Busways’ services. This includes the day-to-day running as well as planning for the future.

All new drivers participate in the Busways Driver Training Program – usually a two-week induction - when they start with Busways. This includes operating ticket machines, learning where all the routes go, and customer service. This training is important to ensure our passengers arrive at their destinations comfortably, safely and on time. Our driver trainers and assessors are there to ensure drivers meet Busways high standards. Most drivers are involved in our comprehensive traineeship program – when this is completed, drivers qualify for a Certificate III Transport and Distribution (Road Transport) which is the equivalent of a Trade Certificate.

Each depot is managed by the Operations team working together with Workshop employees. The operations team is led by the Operations/Depot Manager. Controllers, administration staff, drivers and trainers all work together to ensure buses operate on time.

We have a team of skilled workshop staff at each of our 16 depots to maintain buses to stringent safety standards. This includes Workshop Managers responsible for the maintenance of all buses, and mechanics, spray painters, panel beaters and body builders. Of course, there are also cleaners to ensure our buses are always as clean as possible.

At Head Office in Pymble, Logistics/Scheduling determines timetables, routes, shifts and rosters. These all need constant revision to make sure we pick up all passengers and get them to their destinations on time.

Associated with this is our Planning area. This team looks at the future transport needs and works closely with councils and government to ensure transport needs are adequately considered.

Marketing & Information
Our Marketing department is responsible for promoting bus transport in the communities we operate, providing information resources for users of our services and communicating with our customers and other stakeholders.

Every day, Busways takes more than 55 000 children to and from school. Our School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) department handles all school pass applications, determining their eligibility and liaising with the Ministry of Transport.

All our employees need to be paid – our centralised payroll department manages this on a weekly basis.

Human Resources
From hiring new employees to developing training opportunities for current employees, HR are responsible for overseeing our greatest assets - our employees.

And like all organisations, we have many accounts to be paid and invoices to be chased up. The Finance department is responsible for the financial health of Busways – without proper accounting we could not continue operating.

Information Technology
To run a large company with 16 depots stretching from Camden in the south to Yamba in the north requires an efficient communications system. Our IT department ensures our computer system communicates effectively. We have programmers who provide resources to make the organisation run more smoothly.

There are many other positions within Busways which keep us humming along efficiently.